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ideologue / идеолог, пустой мечтатель
имя существительное
ideologist, ideologue
пустой мечтатель
имя существительное
an adherent of an ideology, especially one who is uncompromising and dogmatic.
a conservative ideologue
I am far more of an ideologue than a partisan, and rarely hesitate to criticize bad politicians or bad policies, regardless of which party they come from.
A good literary critic is not a political ideologue or policy wonk.
Theodore Roosevelt was an heir, and an ideologue , of the defeated Confederacy.
For years he was regarded as a solitary pip-squeak voice on the far right, a lonely ideologue from a Southern backwater.
a right-wing ideologue
The years of perestroika witnessed the transformation of Izvestia into the leading ideologue of capitalist reforms.
The editor was not an uncompromising ideologue attempting to turn back the clock.
a conservative ideologue
Yusuf (not his real name) is not an ideologue , either nationalist or religious.
It's time to lay down the law to the extremist uncompromising ideologues .