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identikit / фоторобот, портрет, составленный по описанию
имя существительное
портрет, составленный по описанию
имя существительное
a picture of a person, especially one sought by the police, reconstructed from typical facial features according to witnesses' descriptions.
an identikit photograph
The book will teach children to interpret all forms of abuse, and how to reach the police, give evidence, and complete an identikit .
She has been extremely helpful with the information she provided yesterday to enable us to put the identikit together.
an identikit photograph
Or was it when you saw images of earthquake damage, diseased people or identikit pictures of recently deceased people.
There is another identikit in that section, 857 point 4, with a person with long hair, but I think that is a different offender.
Police may get a better picture of a suspect by ‘morphing’ together identikits obtained from more than one witness description, researchers said yesterday.