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identify / идентифицировать, отождествлять, распознавать
identify, match
recognize, identify, distinguish, discern, discriminate, diagnose
establish or indicate who or what (someone or something) is.
the judge ordered that the girl not be identified
associate (someone) closely with; regard (someone) as having strong links with.
he was equivocal about being identified too closely with the peace movement
Scientists now hope research into the gene will enable them to identify people most at risk.
That was the first step, to make that proposal to them, identify a face with the name, understand the terms of the deal, etc.
Blacks don't identify the right with lower taxes or a strong national defense.
Police are also examining his personal relationships to identify any reason for a grudge.
Social workers used these indicators to identify a local family as satanic abusers.
We are also working with the other school to identify this person and solve the problem.
the guard wore a cap to identify himself
There is also a strong tendency to identify the court with absolute rule.
Perhaps one day we will be able to identify a gene that drives people to compulsively kill.
Under the scheme, face, iris and fingerprint scans will be used to identify people.