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identification / идентификация, отождествление, опознание
имя существительное
identification, authentication
identification, recognition
имя существительное
the action or process of identifying someone or something or the fact of being identified.
each child was tagged with a number for identification
Since she could not produce any temporary resident permit or personal identification , the two were brought back to the station.
Aptitude identification should be a continuous process, specially designed to go along with the secondary education.
They will be asked to bring identification to prove they are the rightful owners before it is returned.
According to both O'Brien and Kieswetter, the recruiting process begins with player identification .
They will have to bring with them some other federally approved form of identification , like a passport.
Those not having acceptable identification to prove age may be refused a marriage license.
The story constitutes an identification with childhood.
There are several toxic species, so positive identification of any cobweb-caps to be eaten is essential.
Failure to present the required identification may disqualify you from the assessment process.
All collectors will carry appropriate identification and official receipts will be provided.