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identical / идентичный, одинаковый, тождественный
имя прилагательное
identical, identic
same, identical, equal, uniform, alike, one
identical, the same, identic, selfsame
имя прилагательное
similar in every detail; exactly alike.
four girls in identical green outfits
expressing an identity.
an identical proposition
She took into account the different ties and shirts, and realized that the pair must be identical twins.
Their intermarriage rate is 21%, nearly identical to that of other religious groups.
Some of the ‘actors’ live lives identical to the parts they play in the movie.
the three matches produced identical results
To the untrained ear, the Wagnerian clarinet sounds almost identical to its more modern cousin.
Jesse and William, identical twins, were born two years later, and Tyrelle, two years after them.
she has an identical twin
For the final day, Torrance has picked an outfit identical to the one he wore while sinking that putt 17 years ago.
As with the prints in the palm of human beings, which varies from person to person, no cobra is identical to another, he said.
This show was almost identical to the afternoon show, with a song or two swapped out on the set list, plus a song from Silver as a favor to label owner, Cory.