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ideation / идеация
имя существительное
the formation of ideas or concepts.
paranoid ideation
The ideation was associated with some paranoid delusions about his boss, and he intended to kill his boss.
Where analytical ideation stands apart is that the group is next led through a burrowing process where the ideas conceived are explored more deeply.
paranoid ideation
Suicidal ideation is related to psychosocial distress, drug involvement, family stress, and unmet school goals.
Paranoid ideation and psychoticism were significantly correlated with low family competence for men but not for women.
One of the most significant concerns presented by opponents is that suicide ideation is most likely a symptom of psychopathology.
Existing studies have primarily looked at the ideational content of self-statements within single domains of childhood maladjustment.
Certainly, this world is fuller when compared to its own communication environment from only a few years back; back when Japan was a physically isolated, ideationally exclusionary country.
That there is variation in ideational content across individuals, across generations and across cultures indicates that there is learning and an opportunity for more than one solution to certain problems.
The Lobe begins with a series of ‘Exemplary Acts’ that include ‘Six Bodily Graphs’ that describe the deadness of the terms by which everyday life proceeds, materially and ideationally .