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ideally / идеально, превосходно, умозрительно
fine, ideally, primely, swimmingly, nobly, capitally
preferably; in an ideal world.
ideally, you should exercise for 30 minutes every day
in the best possible way; perfectly.
her experience makes her ideally suited to the job
Any 49-key keyboard is not ideally suited for playing piano music.
It starts with the personal and, as the work develops, ideally it moves to the universal.
A good bat correctly knocked in ideally would last about 1000 runs including net use.
In many ways, Hull was ideally suited to write the definitive history of German espionage in neutral Ireland.
Good hospitals will be able to pay for better quality consultants who will be ideally positioned.
That is why ideally salt trucks go out at the beginning of a storm.
Come along and see all the local boxers in action in a venue that is ideally suited for a boxing tournament.
To minimise error, ideally no more than four numbers should be used in a code.
her experience makes her ideally suited to the job
All students remain in the assigned group for the entire course and ideally team learning will ensue.