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idealize / идеализировать
regard or represent as perfect or better than in reality.
Helen's idealized accounts of their life together
The fact that such idealizations of Athens were at least partly fictional did not help, nor did the fact that the Greeks who rose up against the Turks were less a unified people than a network of tribes under local chieftains.
It seems that many people living in the West still live in the simple, polarized westerns of their simpler, more idealized childhoods.
But at the same time modular processes feed on the notion of lifestyle as an exemplary performance undertaken by individuals who are not just stereotypes but idealizations of stereotypes.
As a study of the numerous idealizations of the feminine in a variety of artistic and cultural traditions, 8 1/2 Women may represent Peter Greenaway's most inspired filmmaking in years.
The political culture that is idealized in the writings of Plato and Aristotle is not cosmopolitan.
Naturalism was one aspect of the wider artifice that expressed the known and unknown world through enhanced, idealized reality.
Even the weather is idealized in consistently sunny, warm conditions, unlike typical mountain weather.
They created idealized hierarchies that favored their own group over others.
They give idealized realizations of my work in the string quartet medium.
Each of these individuals incarnated certain character traits which made them suitable for mass idealisation and adoration.