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ideality / идеальность, что-либо воображаемое, что-либо нереальное
имя существительное
что-либо воображаемое
unreality, ideality
что-либо нереальное
ideality, unreality
имя существительное
the state or quality of being ideal.
the ideality of the island of Aran
Formal possibilities, qua formal, are indefinite and the vast array of this multitude of possibilities can be considered in their pure ideality .
To sublimate is thus to confer ideality on that someone or something through which the subject articulates his or her ineffable desire.
Lincoln was successful in attaining the ideality of the Gettysburg Address.
Dialogue was hailed the master key to unravel the mystery and considered a stairway to a higher level of ideality .
The narrator describes his successive days with Usher and his artmaking thus: ‘An excited and highly distempered ideality threw a sulphurous luster over all’.
the loftiness and ideality of the Gettysburg Address
At its worst, the exhibition muddied such sociological pronouncements with a problematic celebration of beauty, ideality and essential femininity.
the ideality of the island of Aran
the loftiness and ideality of the Gettysburg Address
But whilst Sidney may ground the truth of poetry in its ideality , he maps its territory as a profession between the truthful generalities of the philosopher and the useful particularities of the historian.