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icterus / желтуха
имя существительное
jaundice, icterus
The laboratory findings confirmed the icterus with a total bilirubin of 18.6 mg/dl (direct bilirubin 12.8 mg/dl).
Physical examination revealed scleral icterus and a markedly distended abdomen with hepatomegaly.
The main findings on physical examination were icteric sclerae and mild skin icterus as well as dark blood in the rectal ampulla.
At autopsy, icterus and anasarca were present.
Physical examination revealed normal growth and vital signs, no icterus , lymphadenopathy, ascites, splenomegaly, or other systemic abnormal findings.
Following the identification of an icteric infant, the maternal and preceding neonatal history are reviewed.
Only the icteric serum from control patients developed a color (clear pink) change at the end of the assay.
No specimens were hemolyzed, icteric , or lipemic.
The postmortem examination revealed a slightly icteric liver with marked vascular abnormalities and an adenocarcinoma of the common hepatic duct.
Three months later, he was icteric and had a palpable liver edge, but splenomegaly, ascites, and other stigmata of chronic liver disease were absent.