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icing / обледенение, сахарная глазурь, замораживание
имя существительное
сахарная глазурь
icing, icing-sugar
freezing, freeze, refrigeration, frosting, icing, cold storage
имя существительное
a mixture of sugar with liquid or butter, typically flavored and colored, and used as a coating for cakes or cookies.
The carton says: ‘Great for cakes, icings , biscuits, French toast, quiche, batters and coatings for baking or frying!’
the formation of ice on an aircraft, ship, or other vehicle, or in an engine.
Mixed ice is the most dangerous kind of airframe icing due to its weight and disruption to the airflow.
the action of shooting the puck from one's own end of the rink to the other but not into the goal, for which the referee calls a face-off in one's own end.
I am 100% in favor of automatic icing when the puck crosses the red line without having to chase it down.
decorate (a cake) with icing.
If they can't wait long enough to ice fairy cakes, have some extra that can be eaten immediately.
clinch (something such as a victory or deal).
Her three-point play with 1: 31 left iced the Huskies' victory over Oklahoma in San Antonio.
a man had been iced by the police
shoot (the puck) so as to commit icing.
Mr O'Connor, to the penalty box with you, as you have stepped way over the blue line and iced this puck.
While cake is baking, make the icing by mixing together cream cheese, creme fraiche, butter, vanilla, sugar and walnuts.
One birthday, she had chocolate cake with pink icing , and she and two friends spent the entire afternoon running through the sprinkler.
My friend is an excellent cook and she has planned the menu carefully, from pressure-cooking the beans for the homemade hummus to the icing on the brownies.
The icing is lifeless and the cake is flat and dry.
For the icing , melt chocolate then stir until smooth and whisk in cream.
Signs of engine icing could include loss of power, abnormal or slow RPM response to throttle movement, and indications of engine surge or stall.
Re-melt the chocolate if necessary, and then drizzle over the icing .
I am 100% in favor of automatic icing when the puck crosses the red line without having to chase it down.
Thin with water if icing is too thick to drizzle.
Keep the icing in a bowl, covered with a damp paper towel and a layer of plastic wrap.