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icelandic / исландский
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
исландский язык
имя прилагательное
of or relating to Iceland or its language.
The Icelandic language resembles Russian just enough to emit a similar impression.
имя существительное
the North Germanic language of Iceland, which is very similar to Old Norse.
The national language is Icelandic , a northern Germanic language with some resemblance to Middle English.
Although little has been written in other languages about food in Iceland, there is an interesting literature in Icelandic .
Did I ever mention that I spent years in my early teens struggling with learning Icelandic and Norwegian?
Instead it was Asian-European fusion-fare as good as anything I've eaten in London, such a tuna tataki and Icelandic lamb steaks.
In our version, the Danes will be speaking English, and Grendel will be speaking Icelandic .
This also uses the IPA to explain the sound system of Icelandic .
It's performed in English with some Icelandic , and a trapeze and diving boards.
That's when Icelandic rap shares the bill with boozy jug music from the '70s.
It will be difficult enough being Berti Vogts in Reykjavik next Saturday without his Icelandic counterpart making it harder.
The majority of the funeral was held in Icelandic , but a few hymns, such as Amazing Grace, were performed in English.
While all the people speak Icelandic , most also speak Danish and English.