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iced / покрытый льдом, охлажденный льдом
имя прилагательное
покрытый льдом
iced, icy
охлажденный льдом
имя прилагательное
(of a drink or other liquid) cooled in or mixed with pieces of ice.
iced coffee
(of a cake or cookie) decorated with icing.
The family cook runs out of mincemeat, the cake is not iced yet and the tree is still to be decorated.
decorate (a cake) with icing.
If they can't wait long enough to ice fairy cakes, have some extra that can be eaten immediately.
clinch (something such as a victory or deal).
Her three-point play with 1: 31 left iced the Huskies' victory over Oklahoma in San Antonio.
a man had been iced by the police
shoot (the puck) so as to commit icing.
Mr O'Connor, to the penalty box with you, as you have stepped way over the blue line and iced this puck.
It's most helpful when you have a headache and a strong thirst for iced drinks.
The same trend holds true for iced coffee or tea and alcohol.
When the cubes are al dente, chill immediately in iced water.
Tea was served with a piece of blue and white (the new guild's colours) iced christening cake.
Being a sucker for iced Christmas cake, I was delighted with my choice, especially as Ann declined a sample!
He picked up an iced bun from the silver stand on the counter.
People used the ice to store food and also to make iced drinks.
Uncle Sam arrives in good time: The marquee is up, Uncle Sam's arrived, and the cake is iced .
Spread Royal Icing on the flat side of each of two disks; push iced sides together to form a roughly spherical shape.
A big thank you to Mary Morrisson who has baked and donated a beautiful iced cake to be raffled.