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icebox / холодильник, ледник, рефрижератор
имя существительное
refrigerator, fridge, cooler, condenser, icebox, frig
glacier, icehouse, icebox
refrigerator, fridge, frig, refrigeratory, icebox, meatsafe
имя существительное
a refrigerator.
But in other parts of the world, consumers with small iceboxes chug their milk from a rectangular drink box kept in the pantry.
How about a refrigerator that goes back to the old icebox concept and stores coolness in a block of frozen material during certain hours?
She looked around the small kitchen before she opened the cabinets and the icebox and saw that they were empty.
What did you think I was practicing for, when Dad needs extra ice for the icebox ?
Against the back of this room was a cupboard for storage, a stove, and an icebox .
I praised his courage, because it's not easy to carry the heavy icebox up to the top of mountain.
In my nightmares, I hid in an icebox , but they found me anyway.
Evil slams down the piano, and grabs the icebox .
Reaching down, he opened an icebox , and then brought up a slab of meat.
Nobody is kicking down your door, confiscating your icebox and saying you can't drink into the wee hours.
The icebox is a 54-quart portable cooler that fits beneath the companionway steps.