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ice / лед, мороженое
имя существительное
ice cream, ice
имя прилагательное
ice, icy, glacial, freezing, frosty, algid
покрываться льдом
ice, freeze, catch, catch over
freeze, refrigerate, block, deepfreeze, ice, glaciate
имя существительное
frozen water, a brittle, transparent crystalline solid.
the pipes were blocked with ice
a frozen mixture of fruit juice or flavored water and sugar.
A tray of miniature fruit ices appeared after dessert, along with mint truffles and slivers of candied ginger.
The pricey drink comes with just one piece of ice : a diamond.
an illegal profit made from reselling tickets.
decorate (a cake) with icing.
If they can't wait long enough to ice fairy cakes, have some extra that can be eaten immediately.
clinch (something such as a victory or deal).
Her three-point play with 1: 31 left iced the Huskies' victory over Oklahoma in San Antonio.
a man had been iced by the police
shoot (the puck) so as to commit icing.
Mr O'Connor, to the penalty box with you, as you have stepped way over the blue line and iced this puck.
forming nouns such as service , police , and abstract nouns such as avarice , justice.
‘That was a long time ago,’ I said, my voice coming out like ice , my face as hard as stone.
For example, a solid substance like ice is composed of water molecules that are bound relatively close together and neatly ordered.
If you're still hungry after the oysters, prawns and shellfish, for dessert there are a dozen varieties of cake, plus ice cream and shaved ice .
The crystallization process is somewhat similar to how water freezes and ice crystals form.
She poured three glasses of milk, and then went to help her mother ice the cake.
A blue beam shot out of my armor and froze Floria in a solid block of ice .
she scraped the ice off the windscreen
By morning the water had frozen solid, encasing the scope in a block of ice .
Now it's well established that at the poles they've got lots of solid ice , solid water in other words, but then close by [there are] these sand dunes.
Her voice was like ice , and he could feel nothing but cold darkness within her.