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ibis / ибис
имя существительное
имя существительное
a large wading bird with a long down-curved bill, long neck, and long legs.
Inland species may associate with herons, egrets, storks, ibises , and spoonbills.
Saxey tells of the secret shame of being in Neverwhere II, if only for a second, with the head of an ibis painted over you.
The Bourgas Lake is a nestling site of pelicans, ibis , and herons.
As well as being represented as an Ibis or a man with an ibis head he showed up as a baboon a lot.
Tawaret has the head of a hippo, Thoth the head of an ibis , and the great sun god Ra is rowed across the heavens in a boat.
What would happen to the scarlet ibis , our pride and joy and a national symbol?
Lismore Lake provides a variety of habitat for swamp hen, ibis , egrets, and herons as well as many small waders.
A crudely painted plywood sign showing bulbous ibis and spoonbills asks that you not disturb the birds.
But then, when the aggressive ibis flew away from the jacana's territory to the far side of the lake, two jacanas came out of hiding.
The 40-square-mile Caroni Swamp is the home of Trinidad's national bird, the scarlet ibis .
The couple collected breeds of birds from every continent, including pheasants, herons, ibis , kestrels and buzzards.