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hysterical / истерический, истеричный
имя прилагательное
hysterical, hysteric
hysterical, hysteric
имя прилагательное
deriving from or affected by uncontrolled extreme emotion.
hysterical laughter
But the mirth is fleeting and the hysterical laughter, I suspect, is triggered more by nervous tension than by a wicked sense of humour.
Jiang doesn't soften his depiction of the chaotic, hysterical wartime mentality, when anything can happen, and the worst thing probably will.
‘Hi everyone, this is Budi,’ she announced, making a real effort not to trip and break out into hysterical laughter.
Su-mi's mental state might be described as hysterical .
Others took the view that Plath was a hysterical self-dramatist, possibly psychopathic, and vastly overrated as a poet.
He became emotional and hysterical , as he sometimes does.
He thought I was in the midst of an hysterical fit, or that I had perhaps gone insane.
Some people find it side-splittingly hysterical ; I didn't, but I did find it to be entertainingly funny.
Wyman concedes it's rare, nowadays, for new bands to be greeted by hysterical fans at the airport, the way the Stones were in the '60s.
I knew this shouldn't have been funny, but right then I found it hysterical .