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hysteric / истерический, истеричный
имя прилагательное
hysterical, hysteric
hysterical, hysteric
имя существительное
истеричный человек
имя существительное
a wildly emotional and exaggerated reaction.
the child has been seized with regular fits of hysterics at bedtime
a person suffering from hysteria.
A lot of people accused him of being a hysteric , a hypochondriac, a man who exploited death, kind of a Cassandra.
‘You do not have cancer,’ he said, as if counselling an hysteric .
He said with a sly grin as Emerald busted out into hysteric laughter.
These are stagy comic types: the critic, the fop, and the hysteric .
By Christensen's era, religion gave way to science, and a new form of otherness evolved: the female hysteric .
While some German critics decry her as an eloquent hysteric , others praise her cold yet incisive observations of human lives and loves.
As a hysteric , she highlights the insights that psychoanalysis can offer - and its shortcomings - in understanding black female subjectivity.
He heard Sora's mocking, hysteric laughter in his ear.
For these reasons, she is an incurable hysteric .
Because hysteria has no organic causes, the hysteric imitates the lesions of other illnesses.
Kal's eyes widened as he came to a pause before bursting into a series of hysteric laughter.