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hysteria / истерия
имя существительное
hysteria, fit
имя существительное
exaggerated or uncontrollable emotion or excitement, especially among a group of people.
the mass hysteria that characterizes the week before Christmas
Did you never wonder what these sudden waves of mass hysteria were about?
The media is trying to develop mass hysteria to support the war drive.
Shock often manifests itself as conversion hysteria , where the mind causes the body to be incapacitated.
Several researchers have noted that episodes of mass hysteria are probably far more common than we currently think.
Great to have your company today, where we're looking at contemporary cases of hysteria .
Freud learned from Charcot that, in order to understand hysteria , he had to look to psychology rather than to neurology.
The whole history of the US, indeed, is punctuated with scares, crazes and occasional mass hysteria .
The mass hysteria that it created, however, particularly at the funeral, worried me immensely.
Perhaps it is too hot, or Madrilenos are just no good at building up mass hysteria .
Another expert suggested that the resulting chaos of an attack would be worsened by mass hysteria .