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hypothetical / гипотетический, предположительный
имя прилагательное
hypothetical, hypothetic
conjectural, presumptive, estimated, hypothetical, suppositional, suppositive
имя прилагательное
of, based on, or serving as a hypothesis.
that option is merely hypothetical at this juncture
имя существительное
a hypothetical proposition or statement.
Finn talked in hypotheticals, tossing what-if scenarios to Rosen
For instance, suppose - as a hypothetical - that a woman says she was not hired for a particular job due to sex discrimination.
But any thoughts of expanding the program are ‘based on hypothetical funding,’ Cecire said.
These situations are not hypothetical ; they are based on real stories from faculty members across the country.
This program produces a subset of hypothetical products based on the attribute levels provided by the researcher.
It is Stoic logic and Boethius's relations to it which give his treatise On hypothetical syllogisms its special interest.
This is the only point in the Socratic Dialogue where hypothetical situations are allowed.
The classic case is that of the hypothetical planets.
The sailing rig is hypothetical and based on Roman practice.
Estimating requires speculation because it is hypothetical .
For some time, legal scholars invoked the dilemma of the ‘equal opportunity harasser’ as a hypothetical paradox.