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hypothesize / строить гипотезу
строить гипотезу
put (something) forward as a hypothesis.
it was reasonable to hypothesize a viral causality
They hypothesize that resistance is rational, motivated by organizational threats to workers' identity.
it was reasonable to hypothesize a viral causality
to be able to hypothesize is important
Based on the discussion above, we can hypothesize a link between a type of counterfactual thinking and learning.
Her basketball spirit had diminished unlike that flame the other day, and I believe I may hypothesize the reason.
they hypothesize that the naturally high insulin levels result from a “thrifty gene.”
No wonder why traders like to give efficient market hypothesizers a bad time.
Wolf hypothesizes a cause-and-effect relationship between women's liberation and society's ideal of beauty.
If one event is observed or hypothesised, one can only seek its cause in terms of another observed or hypothesised event.
Hence, they proposed a two-photon process theory that hypothesizes the necessity of the O-intermediate irradiation.