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hypoglycaemia / гипогликемия
he has hypoglycaemia
she got hypoglycaemia
Beta blockers can impair glucose tolerance, block the symptoms of hypoglycemia and delay recovery from a hypoglycemic episode.
Patients with diabetes experiencing nocturnal hypoglycemia may have night sweats without other hypoglycemic symptoms.
Diabetic autonomic neuropathy may lead to hypoglycemic unawareness and increased pupillary latency.
The treatment of diabetes (e.g. oral hypoglycemic agents) may result in hepatic damage.
No increase in hypoglycemic symptoms was noted.
A significant correlation was found between neonatal hypoglycemia and high maternal glucose levels during labor.
The glucose level should be determined to rule out hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia and to help diagnose occult diabetes.
The patient may have obvious associated illness with fever, dehydration, hypoglycemia , anemia, or evidence of thyrotoxicosis.