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hypocrite / лицемер, ханжа, лицедей
имя существительное
hypocrite, dissembler, Jesuit, dissimulator, virtuous in name, canter
hypocrite, prude, goody, pharisee, mawworm, Uriah Heep
actor, hypocrite
имя прилагательное
hypocritical, disingenuous, canting, sanctimonious, hypocrite, insincere
имя существительное
a person who indulges in hypocrisy.
Known hypocrites and liars may, of course, tell the truth about a particular incident.
Some nurses may fear being a hypocrite , particularly if they also indulge in alcohol.
For his sins he is now regarded as a hypocrite , nay, a traitor.
But Zeno would be easy to read were he merely reliably unreliable: he would be a hypocrite and a fool.
He is a Pharisee exposed, the hypocrite who tells his patients how virtuous it is to be stoical.
the story tells of respectable Ben who turns out to be a cheat and a hypocrite
The yellow press will harp on it, hypocritically .
And to this day we are still seen and treated with contempt as a lesser people by these hypocrites who so boldly talk of democracy.
The teachers were viewed as informers, or at best cowards and hypocrites .
Practitioners of their religion were either sunk in superstition or hypocrites and impostors.
We must not be hypocrites but show our real problems impartially.