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hypochondria / ипохондрия
имя существительное
имя существительное
abnormal anxiety about one's health, especially with an unwarranted fear that one has a serious disease.
This week's feature is one from myself, all about hypochondria and health anxiety.
However, my mum's therapist simply told me I had a case of hypochondria .
Vata personalities tend toward hypochondria , and Kaphas are known as masters of the art of avoidance.
Many natives of this sign lean toward hypochondria .
Grandma's elephantine ankles, mother's hypochondria , Grandpa's grubbiness, are all experienced as her own.
As she coaxed out my tale of hypochondria and patiently explained the phenomenon of growing pains, my mother rocked me in her arms.
My dad, despite his rampant hypochondria , had always been healthy.
The result for her is misery, a permanent state of irritation, dissatisfaction, and hypochondria .
I have found that it helps slow the spread of hypochondria .
I suspected, though, that Donald had more than a touch of hypochondria , a malady from which a number of our relatives suffered.
My hypochondria has eased a bit over the past 35 years - now I worry more about my kids' health, freaking out over every sniffle and scrape.