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hypnotize / гипнотизировать
hypnotize, mesmerize, magnetize
produce a state of hypnosis in (someone).
a witness had been hypnotized to enhance his memory
I didn't hypnotize her, she hypnotized herself, I just helped her along.
Immediately, Oberon, played by Ty Burrell, had us hypnotized , and we wanted to be his captured queen.
It seems like he's hypnotized, I read once that hypnotized people have an internal clock.
It was as if some dark magic was hypnotizing her to come closer and closer.
He couldn't move, couldn't take his eyes off the blue cat's eyes staring back at him, hypnotizing him.
This brief and enigmatic story has a remarkable effect on Bandini, hypnotizing and captivating him.
Because she's hypnotizing him, he would know later.
You click on the TV, and there's a delicious-looking pizza spinning around, hypnotizing you to pick up the phone and order delivery.
On the first anniversary of his death, he hypnotizes his father and visits Billy, with whom he develops a friendship.
I gulped, and then looked away quickly before the power of Jonas' gaze hypnotized me into a stammering idiot.