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hypermarket / гипермаркет
имя существительное
a very large store with a wide range of goods and a large parking lot, typically situated outside a town.
If they all close down because of competition from big hypermarkets five miles outside town, and you haven't got a car, what do you do?
It is here they need assistance if they are not to be crushed by the hypermarket and chain store.
The hypermarket 's car park lot will provide space for 70 cars.
By all means drive to the out-of-town hypermarket for your bulk shopping.
It will have 140 retail outlets, a hypermarket and 12 cinema theatres, including the country's first 3D IMAX cinema, with 800 seats.
Speculation that the changes would pave the way for vast continental-style hypermarkets outside city centres was inaccurate.
We are pretty happy with how we are developing two of our main formats, the hypermarkets and the hard discount stores.
Streams of people packed hypermarkets , supermarkets and convenience stores to stockpile household necessities.
But Tesco's market dominance doesn't stop at the supermarkets or the hypermarkets .
Some critics are not convinced that future shoppers will abandon malls and hypermarkets .
The produce and fish departments at Carrefour's Chinese hypermarkets resemble traditional outdoor markets.