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hyperlink / гиперссылка
имя существительное
имя существительное
a link from a hypertext file or document to another location or file, typically activated by clicking on a highlighted word or image on the screen.
Also never click on any hyperlinks in any junk email - this again confirms your existence and can lead to a virus being downloaded directly onto your PC.
create a hyperlink between (documents or parts of a document).
thumbnail images that are hyperlinked to a larger image
The last time I tried to post a link from the google groups, it wouldn't hyperlink correctly.
A click through is measured when someone actually clicks on the hyperlink .
If you're interested in reading the article, all you need do is scroll down a bit, after clicking on the pink hyperlink below.
These surveys can be promoted by e-mail and employees only have to click on a hyperlink to express their ideas.
But then to hyperlink to a piece so void of journalistic integrity and intellectual responsibility, is truly going too far.
I think that you would want to hyperlink directly to the underlying files rather than use the desktop search tools.
Now, it's not that I don't trust Derb, but I decided to click on the hyperlink at ‘I have not made this up’ just out of curiosity.
For example, it's very handy to be able to hyperlink inside of a paper.
In this case, linking is when one website connects via a hyperlink to another website.
You should never click a hyperlink in an email, especially if you don't know who sent it to you.