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hyperinflation / гиперинфляция
имя существительное
имя существительное
monetary inflation occurring at a very high rate.
If the central bank chooses to persevere in their inflation, hyperinflation will be unleashed.
That regime is capable of unleashing the most horrendous forces of economic destruction: deflation or hyperinflation .
And remember, on top of this, there is a basic high rate of hyperinflation already built into the system right now.
The hyperinflation resorted to after the coup d'état completed the financial destruction of these foundations.
Brazil has successfully made the transition from the military rule and hyperinflation of the 1980s.
You cannot think straight in the midst of hyperinflation .
This is especially true in case of hyperinflation .
When price increases get out of control, inflation is referred to as hyperinflation .
If the UK was in a boom and the interest rate was set too low, hyperinflation could take place and lead to economic melt down.
This is the point where the game slips out of the hands of the stabilizers and hyperinflation and depression loom.
A mere five years after the end of hyperinflation , the country's economy began to turn down once more.