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hyperbola / гипербола
имя существительное
hyperbola, hyperbole, exaggeration
имя существительное
a symmetrical open curve formed by the intersection of a circular cone with a plane at a smaller angle with its axis than the side of the cone.
There are many topics covered in the book including a study of circles, triangles, geometric series, ellipses, parabolas and hyperbolas .
The first shows that if AB is a fixed line then locus of a point P such that 2 angle PAB = angle PBA is a hyperbola .
The only visible sun seemed to be divided into two halves of orange, like an inverted hyperbola .
High values of these parameters yield a hyperbola .
You depart Earth on a hyperbola, segue into an ellipse around the sun, and approach your destination on another hyperbola .
He read Wallis's method for finding a square of equal area to a parabola and a hyperbola which used indivisibles.
It feels as if all that laughter's going in a hyperbola above my head, with one of them sitting behind me and the other directly before me.
She was up in her attic one afternoon, trying to concentrate on where to place her asymptotes on her hyperbola , but her mind traveled elsewhere.
She had given up on math once her books had started trying to explain how to graph a hyperbola ; it was just to confusing.
Probably also in 1654 Brouncker computed the quadrature of the hyperbola although he did not publish this result until 1668.
There are three non-degenerate conics: the ellipse, the parabola, and the hyperbola .