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hyper / гипер-, сверх-
over-, super-, extra-, ultra-, hyper-, preter-
имя прилагательное
hyperactive or unusually energetic.
eating sugar makes you hyper
over; beyond; above.
relating to hypertext.
I hate going even without these barriers so I'm on hyper alert for anything that might lead me down that path.
He waves away a hotel employee bearing refreshments: coffee makes him hyper .
It gives me the right to be hyper and full of zest and energy, or slow and devoid of all unique thought.
Beth's hyper as it is and has a bit of a caffeine intolerance.
Refreshingly frank and unaffected, he loves a chat and concedes that he's often hyper .
Naturally, Olive was hyper , the way the woman was talking she had the job and it was only a matter of signing a contract.
They're not only super sexy, they also are totally hyper and so much fun onstage.
Whenever his friends or family were around he became extremely energetic and hyper .
I had hoped the dogs would be less excited, but when have they ever been anything but hyper to meet guests?
You get a smiley, hyper , crazy kid who was just so out there it was a wonder where he got his energy from.