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hymnal / псалтырь, сборник церковных гимнов
имя существительное
Psalter, hymnal, psalmbook, hymnary
сборник церковных гимнов
hymnal, hymnary, hymnbook
имя прилагательное
относящийся к гимнам
hymnal, hymnbook
имя существительное
a book of hymns.
This hymn has traditionally been the first hymn in Methodist hymnals since the time of Wesley.
имя прилагательное
of hymns.
hymnal music
And that hymnal quality extends to other cuts such as ‘Roll Away’ and ‘Forgiveness’.
She invites the audience to sing along to a plaintive, hymnal Rivers of Babylon.
Vibraphone and bass sketch the hymnal melody, joined by lush violin figures and soft digital crackle.
Yet, as on ‘Children's Waltz’ and ‘Lullaby’, the wave of pastel, hymnal harmonies are hard to deny on aesthetic grounds.
Sounding like a hymnal Fairport Convention, Mangion's lead vocal is buoyed by Varty for help at key moments.
Mikkelborg releases sudden blizzards of sound over hymnal backdrops early on.
The simple lyric and Bass's cooing and humming give the song an almost hymnal quality.
And yes, I've done away with the Christmas song titles, opting more for a hymnal type.
Closer ‘Darkened Car’ circles back to the album's hymnal beginnings.
Unfortunately, no details were given as to the criteria for selection of the hymnals nor were the hymnals themselves named.