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hymn / гимн, псалом, церковный гимн
имя существительное
anthem, hymn, carol, canticle
psalm, hymn
церковный гимн
hymn, processional, gradual
петь гимны
hymn, anthem
bless, hymn
имя существительное
a religious song or poem, typically of praise to God or a god.
a Hellenistic hymn to Apollo
praise or celebrate (something).
Johnson's reply hymns education
sing hymns.
There were Victorian songs of stilted enthusiasm for the innocence and clear sunny skies of the new country, hymned in the English art song idiom.
What I couldn't do then and couldn't do for thirty years was the first line of the first poem, the hymn to Aphrodite.
It centers around the slain but risen Lamb, and climaxes in a great hymn to the Paschal Lamb.
As you think about Jesus' goodness to you in prayer today, try writing your own hymn or prayer of praise.
Modesty, stoicism, self-restraint and resilience: these are endangered virtues, and I want to hymn them.
Will Hutton's new book is a hymn of praise to Europe.
Protestants and other Christians have made wide use of secular sources for their hymn tunes and religious music.
These portraits lent them a near iconic dimension, recording a pictorial hymn in their praise for posterity.
Were they preludes to a hymn sung by a congregation, and, if so, commoners in a parish church or gentry in a court chapel?
Sage Agasthya taught Lord Rama the Aditya Hridayam, the hymn to Lord Surya when he felt fatigued during the battle with Ravana.
In the structure of the hymn , praise is response in the sense of being a congregational response to a call to worship.