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hygrometer / гигрометр
имя существительное
имя существительное
an instrument for measuring the humidity of the air or a gas.
Some dehumidifiers feature a hygrometer , which measures room humidity.
Soil water potential was measured at regular intervals using a dew-point hygrometer on soil samples collected from one pot per group.
In a recent publication, with the same settings and using a dew point mirror hygrometer , a similar result of 36.2 mg H2O / L was obtained.
To determine the relative humidity, you will need a relative humidity sensor, also known as a moisture meter or hygrometer .
The temperature of the air stream was measured just downstream of the dew point hygrometer using a thermocouple.
Medium water potentials were measured with a hygrometer .
In addition, a Li - 188 quantum sensor, thermometer and hygrometer recorded, respectively, irradiance, air temperature and relative air humidity hourly.
To measure the humidity level inside your home, buy a hygrometer , available at hardware stores for about $30.
Use a hygrometer to know what the humidity level is.
Periodically check the humidity with a hygrometer , available at your local hardware store.
Dew point temperature is measured with a hygrometer , and you can make your own.