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hygienist / гигиенист
имя существительное
a specialist in the promotion of clean conditions for the preservation of health.
an industrial hygienist
Responsibility was delegated to the Ministry of Health, the main hygienist of the Slovak Republic, and regional hygienists.
Medical surveillance is ideally performed along with a work-site review conducted by an appropriate professional, such as an industrial hygienist .
Such sampling is the purview of the industrial hygienist .
It is impossible to find a hygienist who does not debase his theory of the healthful with a theory of the virtuous.
an industrial hygienist
After the property was dried out, an industrial hygienist came in to make sure it was safe to inhabit.
an industrial hygienist
The safety manager/industrial hygienist conducted a sampling of mass concentration of particulates.
Even if you're not covered, contact an industrial hygienist or a company that specializes in mold remediation to take a look.
That unpredictability is why industrial hygienists get all twitchy when they hear ‘mercury’ and ‘carpet’ in the same sentence.