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hygiene / гигиена
имя существительное
hygiene, hygienics
имя существительное
conditions or practices conducive to maintaining health and preventing disease, especially through cleanliness.
poor standards of food hygiene
The unit also runs training courses, presentations and seminars in food hygiene .
An advertising campaign on personal hygiene would be a very powerful deterrent.
Their standards of food, service, hygiene and comfort are high and most have kids' clubs.
The talk, which begins with health and hygiene , naturally leads on to politics.
The defendant and its employees failed to have regard to his health and hygiene .
I'm sure The Happy Fryer employs the highest standards of food hygiene imaginable.
This may largely be attributed to more rigorous standards of food hygiene .
poor standards of food hygiene
The spread of these germs and the illnesses they cause can be prevented by practising good food hygiene .
personal hygiene