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hydroplane / гидроплан, гидросамолет, глиссер
имя существительное
seaplane, hydroplane, hydroaeroplane
hydroplane, hydroglider
плыть на глиссере
имя существительное
a light fast motorboat designed to skim over the surface of water.
Their run established a new world and national record as part of Windermere Records Week which saw high-speed watercraft - from one-man hydroplanes to offshore Formula 1 powerboats - take to the water.
a finlike attachment that enables a moving submarine to rise or fall in the water.
Upstairs houses interactive tests for youngsters from mechanical diving suit arms to the art of driving a submarine using hydroplanes and the knack of positive and negative buoyancy.
a seaplane.
This park has a rich history dating back to 1927 when Italy's then leader, Mussolini, built a non-military airport for the landing of hydroplanes from outlying lakes.
(of a vehicle) slide uncontrollably on the wet surface of a road.
a motorist whose car hydroplaned and crashed into a tree
Thin tread causes the tire to hydroplane - riding up on a film of water and losing contact with the pavement, similar to driving on ice.
A couple of canoers were out paddling, and a hydroplane came in for a lake landing.
He nodded, staring out over the clear water to where the hydroplane was now visible, a dot on the horizon.
With all these questions heavily on my mind, I boarded a four-seat Cessna 206 hydroplane for a 40-minute flight to the shores of Fraser Lake in the depth of Alaskan wilderness.
A dozen of the country's top scientists and intellectuals climbed aboard a hydroplane and flew out into the Bay of Rio to welcome him.
Next, the man declares that he would like to take Nick flying in his hydroplane .
Markus headed for some old airplanes trying to go around them only to have his car hydroplane on a mixture of water and oil.
A car hit this standing water, hydroplaned off the road, and crashed, killing the driver.
Hatches are intact, periscope housings in place, propeller-shafts and control rods stick out of the stern alongside intact hydroplanes and rudder.
Jenny's mom had hydroplaned and skidded off the road.