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hydrofoil / судно на подводных крыльях, подводное крыло
имя существительное
судно на подводных крыльях
hydrofoil, jetfoil
подводное крыло
So, the remaining five of us set sail on the hydrofoil .
He built a hydrofoil that was clocked at more than 70 mph, and for 12 years it was the fastest boat in the world.
However, I have been known to whiz back and forth by hydrofoil across the Adriatic Sea four times in four consecutive days.
By chance a hydrofoil came up for sale.
You cut off about ten hours of travelling, and can switch from train to a hydrofoil down the Danube for the last leg if it takes your fancy.
Tuna, researchers suspected, power their swimming by projecting muscle force from the mid-body, where the muscle is concentrated, back to the tail, which essentially acts as a natural, thrust-producing hydrofoil .
Many of these deformations arise, in part, from the passive mechanics of oscillating a flexible air- or hydrofoil .
From Dubrovnik you can catch a hydrofoil to the most delightful of all Dalmatian resorts, the medieval capital of the island of Hvar.
I'm looking forward to another late night quaffing session, even though it is already one o'clock in the morning and our hydrofoil sails at noon.
And with five minutes to spare, we scrambled aboard the last hydrofoil of the day.