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hydroelectric / гидроэлектрический
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
relating to or denoting the generation of electricity using flowing water (typically from a reservoir held behind a dam or other barrier) to drive a turbine that powers a generator.
To generate electricity, we use hydroelectric power, coal and nuclear energy.
Glaciers supply much of the fresh water and hydroelectric power in South and Central Asia.
This in turn has meant that turbines at some hydroelectric power stations in the province have been unable to operate at maximum capacity.
Use the sun's energy via solar panels, wind, wave and hydroelectric power to convert water into hydrogen and oxygen.
Laos has great potential for hydroelectric power and currently exports electricity to Thailand.
The firm has a reservoir system that provides hydroelectric power both for its own operations and for sale to others.
This wrecked flood control, municipal and industrial water storage, irrigation and hydroelectric power.
It is a source for irrigation and hydroelectric power.
This phenomenon may be related to streamflow regulation for hydroelectric power generation.
Aside from hydroelectric power generation, the major industries are heavily dependent on the agricultural sector.
A new way to use flowing water to generate electricity may lead to gadget-size, hydroelectric batteries.