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hydrant / гидрант, водоразборный кран
имя существительное
hydrant, fireplug
водоразборный кран
имя существительное
an upright water pipe, especially one in a street, with a nozzle to which a fire hose can be attached.
Firefighters lost precious time hooking up their hoses to three fire hydrants on two different streets before finding one that worked.
He stopped and watched one man trying to get his dog's leash untangled from a fire hydrant across the street from the cafe, but the little black poodle had other ideas about this.
Up the street, other kids had turned on the hydrant .
The buried valve allowing them to drain and avoid freezing can allow bacterially contaminated water to be drawn into the riser pipe leading to the hydrant .
The only water source I could find was a fire hydrant which rendered the hose extraordinarily powerful.
Strewn across the street were the bodies of policemen and firemen; a hose snaked down the street from a hydrant out of sight, spouting water with nobody to man it.
I can remember when the fire services used to open the fire hydrants and wash the streets of the city, but alas this too has been abandoned.
Outside on the streets the water hydrants dribbled miserably after entertaining shrieking Hispanic kids all day long in exuberant gushes.
Originally, extinguishing systems included hydrants and standpipes to assist manual efforts.
Therefore, water can still be drawn from external sources such as hydrants , pipes, and wells.
Inadequate water pressure from the District's hydrants could be putting lives at risk.