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hyacinth / гиацинт
имя существительное
hyacinth, jacinth
имя существительное
a bulbous plant of the lily family, with straplike leaves and a compact spike of bell-shaped fragrant flowers. Native to western Asia, hyacinths are cultivated outdoors and as houseplants.
The miracle of spring flowers such as tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and lilies is even more astounding when one realizes how they reach the bloom stage each year.
Lighter colored crystals have been referred to as hyacinth or jacinth stones.
the Queen Mother was wearing hyacinth blue
Tin, amethyst, the sapphire, the smarage or emerald, hyacinth , topaz, crystal, bezoar, marble, and that which in England we call freestone.
Given over entirely to a celebration of painting, it is more or less bisected at a diagonal of golden russet dappling on a field of hyacinth blue, and suffused with ambient light.
Colour is inspired by spring flowers - daffodil yellow, light green, lilac and hyacinth blues or blossom pinks.
It is the season to plant flowering bulbs such as tulips, narcissi, crocuses and hyacinths .
Later blooming hyacinths and tulips can be planted anytime before the ground freezes.
Other fun bulbs for easy forcing include colorful hyacinths , crocuses and narcissi.
Spring-flowering bulbs such as tulips, crocuses, hyacinths , daffodils, and irises are universal symbols of spring.
Indoor gardeners, by and large, prefer their hyacinths full-blossomed and deliciously fragrant.