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hutch / закром, бункер, хибарка
имя существительное
bin, hutch, crib
hopper, bunker, bin, pocket, batcher, hutch
shack, hut, shanty, shebang, bothy, hutch
промывать руду
jig, toss, hutch
складывать в сундук
имя существительное
a box or cage, typically with a wire mesh front, for keeping rabbits, ferrets, or other small domesticated animals.
a rabbit hutch
a storage chest.
Colorfully painted computer desks with attached hutches and printer stands offer necessary work areas and storage for school essentials.
a rabbit hutch
We have also been using newspapers and magazines to line the bottom of the rabbit hutch .
Beside the stairs, there was a wooden hutch filled with sleeping chickens and slumbering geese.
Other outbuildings may include a rabbit hutch , a barn, and a separate structure where a hog is kept and fattened.
In my experience before that, bunnies were either ignored pets left in the backyard hutch or a delicious meal.
He was taken with the rows of pigeonholes and small drawers in the hutch along the back of it.
Inside was a tiny room which held a custom made bunk bed, bookshelf, a small desk and a wooden hutch which was filled with potions, dusty books, candles and three jet black photo albums.
Inside, the house is decorated simply: a table with a flowery cloth and a vase of flowers, a hutch with little spice bottles and a futon for sitting or sleeping.
At this point I had already dusted the coffee table, as well as the TV table, and a hutch .
The best method for a small garden is to have a few in a movable hutch and to move it around the lawn every day.