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hut / хижина, хата, барак
имя существительное
hut, cabin, shack, cottage, crib, cot
barrack, hut, casern, caserne
имя прилагательное
размещать по баракам
жить в бараках
имя существительное
a small single-story building of simple or crude construction, serving as a poor, rough, or temporary house or shelter.
Corrugated huts house additional families in backyards and the shanty towns overflow with new arrivals.
provide with huts.
a hutted encampment
While on the summit the two men took shelter in a hut from a particularly vicious blast of wind and snow.
Inside is a comfortable spot that feels like a cross between a beach hut and a family cottage.
a beach hut
He said another aspect to be improved was the provision of beach huts .
None of the other huts and tree shelters caught fire and no other people were injured in the blaze, police said.
There are no streets, no houses, only huts where people cling to each other and cry.
Among the huts and mud brick buildings, more shelters are springing up.
As its numbers have grown, the old hutted classrooms have been replaced with new permanent ones and a new library has been added.
They were all moved to townships - shanty towns of wooden huts built away from any natural resources or shelter.
This year is the 60th anniversary of the end of the second World War, and that gave particular relevance to a holiday visit to Eden Camp, in North Yorkshire, a hutted former prisoner of war camp which serves as a museum of the war.