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hussy / нахалка, дерзкая девчонка, потаскушка
имя существительное
hussy, impudent baggage, saucebox
дерзкая девчонка
hussy, minx, huzzy, clip
slut, whore, hussy, prostitute, chippy, chippie
имя существительное
an impudent or immoral girl or woman.
that brazen little hussy!
I do not know that, but I know a brazen hussy when I see one.
that brazen little hussy!
It didn't take long until her mother walked into the bedroom to see the bed rocking with her husband and the hussy from next door.
that brazen little hussy!
Of course, Carole was ignored, the brazen hussy !
She will likely call her a hussy for finding someone so soon after a divorce she doesn't agree with.
His newly discovered letters to a friend reveal he thought her a forward hussy who was determined to seduce him.
Lorraine tried to make Elaine look the hussy too, of course.
In the first scenario, she'll be remembered as the jaded hussy who couldn't see the value of what she had been given.
Why must I always take care of men, they're going to start thinking that I'm a hussy .