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husky / хриплый, сиплый, рослый
имя прилагательное
hoarse, raucous, husky, breathy, throaty, gruff
husky, raucous
stalwart, strapping, husky, chopping, bouncing
имя существительное
husky, sturdy
эскимосская лайка
рослый человек
strapper, husky
имя прилагательное
(of a voice or utterance) sounding low-pitched and slightly hoarse.
She speaks in a husky voice that clicks slightly from a dry mouth.
strong; hefty.
Patrick looked a husky, strong guy
like or consisting of a husk or husks.
имя существительное
a powerful dog of a breed with a thick double coat that is typically gray, used in the Arctic for pulling sleds.
Similarly, a trip to where the huskies are bred and trained to pull sleighs takes you right to the heart of what the traditional lifestyle is like.
‘I think I'm getting a cold,’ she says in a deep husky voice.
She speaks in a husky voice that clicks slightly from a dry mouth.
‘It would be more convincing that way,’ Nicholas agreed as the husky pup fell asleep in his strong arms.
‘You can stay,’ his voice was husky ; a whisper, trying to regain a hold on his emotions.
I can still hear his husky voice whispering to me.
‘You go ahead,’ Rex said in an anxious, slightly husky voice.
‘Oh God, you look so amazing,’ he whispered in a lustful husky voice.
‘Hey stranger,’ his voice was husky and I shivered slightly.
Taking notice of her, I realized her voice was slightly husky , though still feminine.
His deep, husky voice sent a tingle down her spine, which she tried to ignore.