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husk / шелуха, оболочка, что-либо внешнее
имя существительное
husk, peel, hull, shell, shuck, peelings
shell, casing, skin, sheath, envelope, husk
что-либо внешнее
shell, husk, hull, pod, scale, shuck
очищать от шелухи
hull, husk, pulp, shuck
имя существительное
the dry outer covering of some fruits or seeds.
In the fall, plants produce and discard gorgeous seeds, seed pods, husks , and pinecones.
remove the husk or husks from.
Much of the work of the household is gender-specific, with women working longer hours than men and responsible for the hard work of hauling water and firewood and husking the rice.
say something in a husky voice.
“Help me,” husked Miles
It clung to the planet like a locust, slowly eating away at the precious minerals until there was nothing left except an empty husk .
It contains all parts of the grain - the bran, the outer husk and the germ.
But the symptoms of deprivation are much the same as those of excess, and I am left weak and drained, an empty husk until I take another dose.
This allows the husk to open and barley to start to sprout - at this point it is called green malt.
No, you can't just grind the entire pod, but an initial pounding in a mortar will loosen the seeds from the papery husk .
oats contain more husk than barley
Or would I just be an empty husk like anyone else?
The fruit of the coconut tree includes the buoyant husk surrounding the coconut, which helps the seeds float downstream and spread the tree's offspring far and wide.
When I was done, I tossed her aside like an empty husk of what was once beautiful.
Darkness loomed all around her and the town that had seemed so cheerful and welcoming an hour ago now only felt like prison, a prison for her empty husk of a body.