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hush / тишина, молчание
имя существительное
silence, peace, quiet, quietness, calm, hush
silence, hush, mum
lull, cradle, hush, lullaby, rock, sopite
calm down, settle down, settle, quiet down, quiet, hush
make (someone) be quiet or stop talking.
he placed a finger before pursed lips to hush her
имя существительное
a silence.
a hush descended over the crowd
‘Oh,’ said the Examining Magistrate as a hush fell upon the room.
The hush quietens to a silence; pins dropping would be like crashing cymbals.
He started rocking back and forth slightly, trying to get me to hush and calm down.
The rest of us were told to hush up with our petty concerns about foreign entanglements, airport privatization, and what have you.
‘Oh hush up,’ she said and rolled the sleeves back down, put the jacket back on and zipped it up.
Silence descended on a village school when pupils held a sponsored hush for charity.
I slowly pulled away, then start to apologize but she placed her finger on my lips to hush me.
When the lights go down, the silence is deep and immediate, a reverential hush .
When the lights dimmed shortly before 8 p.m., and the music rose, a hush descended upon the audience.
The teacher looked at what they were looking and laughing at and told them to hush up so he could start class.