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hurtle / бряцание
имя существительное
clank, hurtle
нестись с шумом
нестись со свистом
пролетать со свистом
move or cause to move at a great speed, typically in a wildly uncontrolled manner.
a runaway car hurtled toward them
The road was little-trafficked, though cars tended to hurtle past at alarming speeds.
But only after he saw a giant mass of water hurtling towards the boat did he sense danger.
A car was hurtling down the street the wrong way, and someone was just about to pull in to the road.
I am fed up hearing cars hurtling past on that road and nothing being done about it.
As she said her name aloud, a bolt of lightening hurtled towards the earth and struck it with a loud boom.
Children playing along a Swindon road feared for their lives when a car came hurtling towards them.
George is hurtling towards me with a silver pepper pot.
It had crossed the 5000 mark just a little while ago and was hurtling on all cylinders towards the 6000 mark.
I stopped within 12 inches of the car in front only to check my rear view to see another car hurtling toward me from the back.
It comes to a rather steep halt, sending my - thankfully empty - coffee cup hurtling towards my lap.