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hurry / торопиться, торопить, подгонять
rush, hurry, hasten, hurry up, haste, be in a hurry
rush, hurry, hasten, hurry up, haste, push
match, urge, hurry, rush, prod, goad
имя существительное
rush, hurry, haste, time pressure, skiffle, drive
haste, hurry, hastiness, prematureness, posthaste, expedition
haste, hurry, hastiness
имя существительное
great haste.
in my hurry to leave, I knocked over a pile of books
move or act with haste; rush.
we'd better hurry
Psychologists who study human anxiety say you should measure your regret and never hurry an apology.
Descending into the chamber she glanced quickly at the timer and made a mental note to hurry things up.
There is no time to consider and explain - ‘I'm sorry, I must hurry you’.
Hungary's hurry is shared by the entire region.
After a few more kilometres Richard drew up alongside and said, ‘What's the hurry , Skipper?’
The hustle and hurry of the job persist in a surreal atmosphere of expectation and denial.
In fact I wouldn't have been surprised if the minute I'd finally purchased my shoes someone had come in and told me to hurry myself up, because the Marathon was about to start.
Another factor pushed them to hurry the project: the need to get their ducks in a row before they ran out of time.
The hooded man seemed demanding and pressed the other man to hurry the search.
Even the fact that we were the only diners by the time we left wasn't a problem: our waitress never once tried to hurry us along or gave the impression that she would rather be somewhere else.