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hurl / метать, бросать, швырять
throw, hurl, cast, shoot, launch, sling
throw, cast, drop, quit, toss, hurl
toss, throw, fling, hurl, slam, sling
имя существительное
сильный бросок
bat, club, willow, hurl
club, bandy, brassy, hurl, hockey-stick
throw (an object) with great force.
rioters hurled a brick through the windshield of a car
it made me want to hurl
hey pal, any chance of a hurl?
However, even with the abuse I hurl at the idiots, it does make for an interesting programme.
When I was a little kid, I thought nothing of tossing a gum wrapper on the ground, and was even known to hurl debris from our car window.
Every day, he says, children would hurl obscene and offensive abuse at teachers.
But journalists who hurl the most appalling abuse at officials of the government are not well placed to act pious when that abuse redounds upon their sources.
you make me want to hurl
Eastleigh police are vowing to get tough with vandals who are putting the lives of motorists at risk by hurling missiles at cars.
Last summer and autumn France's suburban youths rioted on a nightly basis, burning cars and buildings and hurling missiles at police.
I hurled the keys, dashed out the door, and sprinted the eight blocks back to our hotel in the dark.