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hurdle / препятствие, барьер, плетень
имя существительное
let, obstacle, obstruction, barrier, hurdle, impediment
barrier, hurdle, bar, wall, division
wattle, hurdle, lath fence, dead hedge
преодолевать препятствия
overcome obstacles, surmount obstacles, hurdle, bridge
ограждать плетнем
hurdle, hurdle off
участвовать в барьерном беге
имя существительное
an upright frame, typically one of a series, that athletes in a race must jump over.
The hoarding, the structure on which an ad is placed, is related to the hurdle over which athletes jump.
an obstacle or difficulty.
there are many hurdles to overcome
a portable rectangular frame strengthened with willow branches or wooden bars, used as a temporary fence.
take part in a race that involves jumping hurdles.
I hadn't sat on him before but it was clear that he has taken well to hurdling .
enclose or fence off with hurdles.
He and his staff had been making special arrangements to handle the sale with the minimum of delay: extra straw had been got in, portions of the market have been hurdled off and permission had been given to close Paragon Street.
One hurdle to overcome would regard who actually owned the ground.
The knee injury that kept her away from the courts for more than eight months was a huge hurdle to overcome.
When you can't show how, when, where it all occurred, you have a major hurdle to overcome.
a hurdle race
Intercounty, whose only previous win was in a handicap hurdle on this track, doubled the total in the Beginners Chase.
The hoarding, the structure on which an ad is placed, is related to the hurdle over which athletes jump.
If you're walking along and spot a snake, fear propels you to run with blazing speed and hurdle the fence like an Olympian.
Leaping over a pile of pale, loose terracotta bricks that stood in their way like a race hurdle , the two skidded to a sudden halt when Ronnie stopped at the edge of her own private dock.
Arguably, he has overcome the first hurdle with excellence.
The commander's intent was to hurdle obstacles, crawl beneath objects, ascend and descend obstacles, and jump from objects.